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Lost Pirates

Frank was never the save-the-world type.
He joined his college’s Jedi dueling club to impress a chick he was into, and only stayed because he was too embarrassed to quit. He’s the type to have a crush, but the closest he’s gotten to action lately is when he stumbles upon his roommate having a hot threesome.

Damn, he’d love to feel what it’s like to be that guy.

Be careful what you wish for … Life takes an unexpected turn when Frank discovers his grandpa’s secret and travels back in time. Finding himself in a land of pirates that doesn’t quite line up with what he learned in history class, Frank soon learns he has a special ability to craft weapons based on locations someone has laid out for him and related to the time-travel device. All while bonding with a team of hot-as-sin pirate ladies.

Someone else has been traveling in time and messing it up, and now Frank’s the only one who can go up against the new Pirate King and put everything as it was.

Of course, while finally getting that threesome he was so envious of … and then some.

Warning: Harem readers, Gamelit lovers, and anyone else who wants a crazy story with highly adult situations and fun galore should read on. The rest of you, run away as fast as you can before the vileness of this content spreads and sucks you into a story you can’t escape.



Lost Pirates

Lost Pirates, Book 1

Shadow of Time

Lost Pirates, Book 2

Storms Rising

Lost Pirates, Book 3


Jamie Hawke



Brandon Utah