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Book Series:

Lovesick Villains


Fear the Reapers

Lovesick Villains, Book 1

Queen of the Reapers

Lovesick Villains, Book 2

Wrath of The Reapers

Lovesick Villains, Book 3


Jessa Halliwell

Jessa Halliwell is a romance author who writes about dark, angsty love that's a little tragic, but utterly consuming. She loves writing romance only slightly more than she loves reading it, though the way she reads books is total chaos. She'll either binge read a book in one sitting or stop reading mid-page for no justifiable reason.  Jessa lives in Northern California and spends most of her time-off hanging out with her boyfriend and taking her senior, yet still super feisty Chihuahua, Juice, on walks.  When she isn't pouring her heart out into her writing, you can find her obsessing over her skincare routine, drinking an unhealthy amount of Milk Tea, and probably trying to convince her boyfriend that a "Why Choose" could totally work for them.