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Mage Stones


Mage Stones: Part 1

Mage Stones, Book 1


D.J. Dammeyer

D.J. Dammeyer is originally from Ojai, a small artist community in Southern California, and currently lives in Brentwood, California. He's a school psychologist by profession, working with special needs kids to help them be more successful in school. His favorite genre to write is fantasy, and has recently branched out into writing children's books, combining his profession and his passion to make a self-help book for Elementary-age kids, with plans for more. Upcoming Fantasy Projects: The World of Eternis: Book 2: Vengeance Upcoming Children's Book Projects: Hexie, Wendel and Friends



Greg D. Barnett

I'm an artsy, space-camp kid who's been acting, singing, and telling stories for my entire life - from performing on stage for the last 25 years and more recently in film, to teaching reading and writing to kids and kids at heart for over a decade. I'm interested in lots of stories in a variety of genres, but am most drawn to fantasy and sci-fi, especially in the YA and middle-grade world. I also love a good science-based non-fiction book. I currently work as the Associate Artistic Director for the award-winning children's literacy and arts organization The Story Pirates. I love spending lots of time outdoors soaking up the sun, and cannot get enough of a good jigsaw puzzle, a fresh pan of brownies, or a cozy cat nap.