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Maggie Blackthorne


Dead Point

Maggie Blackthorne, Book 1

Desolation Ridge

Maggie Blackthorne, Book 3

Murderers Creek

Maggie Blackthorne, Book 2

Poison Spring

Maggie Blackthorne, Book 4


LaVonne Griffin-Valade

LaVonne Griffin-Valade lives in Portland, Oregon and works as a full time writer. Dead Point, the first book in the Maggie Blackthorne Series, is her debut novel.



Allyson Ryan

**_Allyson Ryan is a native New Yorker who has recorded close to 300 audiobooks. She narrates all genres. Her recent greatest hits are the thrillers, [The Husbands]( by Chandler Baker, [Blood Sugar](, by Sascha Rothschild, [The Dinner Guests ]( Kiersten Modglin and the [Maggie Blackthorne series]( by Lavonne Griffin-Valade. She is also the narrator of the best-selling [Fleishman is in Trouble](, now an FX series airing on Hulu in November. She is the recipient of[ two Earphones Awards from Audiofile Magazine,]( and a SOVAS nominee for non-fiction. She lives in LA with her husband, a rambunctious and hilarious daughter, and a sweet dog named Ollie._**