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Reincarnated as a Familiar

No cats allowed!

It's finally time for the Alandrian Central Magic Academy's famous Spring Tournament. For Lesti, it's her best opportunity to prove her strength before turning fifteen and becoming an adult. She'll have to do it alone, though. The academy has forbidden Astria from participating.

Still, the tournament isn't all about fighting. People from across the alliance gather to watch the spectacle. Amongst the masses and gathered lords, threats new and old plot their moves. As Astria works to neutralize these threats, she finds herself with a choice that could change the course of her new world. Will the pair overcome the challenges they face, or will they fall short?

Find out as the adventure, full of magical duels, deals, and bonds continues!



Reincarnated as a Familiar: Publisher's Pack

Reincarnated as a Familiar, Books 1-2

Reincarnated as a Familiar: Vol. 3

Reincarnated as a Familiar, Book 3

Reincarnated as a Familiar: Vol. 4

Reincarnated as a Familiar, Book 4


D.S. Craig



Jennifer O'Donnell

Jennifer has voiced 170+ titles for publishers including Podium Audio, Audible, Recorded Books and Harper Collins. She has narrated for a plethora of indie authors including NY times best sellers HM Ward and Hugh Howey. Jennifer is known for her willingness to take risks and her uniquely urban sound. She happily resides in Brooklyn, NY where the rent is too high but you can't beat the fall foliage.