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Star Kingdom

Star Kingdom Omnibus contains books 1-3 of the Star Kingdom series.

It is a time of treachery, terrorism, and tyranny in the Star Kingdom. The king cannot be trusted, the galaxy is on the brink of war, and a notorious mercenary is destroying everything — and everyone — in his path on his quest for vengeance.

The Star Kingdom is in dire need of heroes.

What it gets is a band of misfits and underdogs:

A washed-up bounty hunter struggling to make ends meet.
A genetically engineered cat woman on the run from her makers.
A robotics professor who gets space sick before leaving orbit.
A brilliant scientist who’s better at punching people than talking to them.

As unlikely as it seems, this motley crew is the best hope for bringing peace to the galaxy. But they have troubles of their own, and they’ll have to fly fast to avoid being hunted down and killed.

A romping science fiction adventure for fans of Star Wars and Firefly!



Robots and Roommates

Star Kingdom

Star Kingdom Omnibus

Star Kingdom, Books 1-3

Star Kingdom Omnibus II

Star Kingdom, Books 4-5

Planet Killer

Star Kingdom, Book 6

Home Front

Star Kingdom, Book 7

Layers of Force

Star Kingdom, Book 8


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