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Starship Freedom

The Aeolians. The galaxy's most mysterious aliens. For a million years, they've been hiding. No human has ever seen them.

Until now.

James King, commander of the starship Freedom, travels to their secluded world. He seeks to forge an alliance. To learn from the Aeolians their ways of war.

According to myth, the Aeolians once defeated the predatory rahs, alien spiders who are plaguing Earth. Aeolia's secrets can save humanity.

But King soon learns that Aeolia harbors more secrets than he ever imagined. The Aeolians seem friendly at first… but not entirely honest. Something terrible happened to these aliens. Something they will not speak of. As Aeolia's secrets begin to unravel, so might the galaxy itself…



Starship Freedom

Starship Freedom, Book 1

The Cost of Freedom

Starship Freedom, Book 2

We Fight for Freedom

Starship Freedom, Book 3

For Death or Freedom

Starship Freedom, Book 4

Let Freedom Ring

Starship Freedom, Book 5


Daniel Arenson

Daniel Arenson is a bookworm, proud geek, and USA Today bestselling author of fantasy and science fiction. His novels have sold over a million copies. The Huffington Post has called his writing "full of soul." He's written over seventy novels.



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