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The Dire Saga

No memory, no resources, no secret lair, and no time to find her feet: this is the story of a self-made villain, and her fall into strife.
Fleeing from unknown enemies and an early death, she emerges into a city gone dark in the aftermath of a complete systems failure. Hounded by heroes, menaced by gangs, and helped by the most unlikely of allies, she claws her way up from weakness to strength and works to build a better future for those who deserve it.

To survive, she’ll need strength to stand toe-to-toe against secretly supernatural foes, compassion to work with the dregs and outcasts of a broken society, and cunning to outwit intelligences beyond human ken.

The challenge is great … but she is Dire.

And Icon City will never be the same again.



Dire: Born

The Dire Saga, Book 1

Dire: Seed

The Dire Saga, Book 2

Dire: Time

The Dire Saga, Book 3

Dire: Wars

The Dire Saga, Book 4

Dire: Sins

The Dire Saga, Book 5

Dire: Hell

The Dire Saga, Book 6


Andrew Seiple

Andrew Seiple has been a voracious reader, roleplayer, gamer, and library enthusiast for years, and is finally getting serious about writing. After a torrid, decades-long love affair with science fiction and fantasy, he's found a true joy in writing books about super heroes and villains, and far stranger things.