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The O’Brien Tales

Cross the bridge to the spring, and wish your heart’s desire…

Caitlyn O’Brien left for Brazil in the aftermath of a heartbreaking loss. As much as she loves her husband, he can’t help her with the grief and disappointment that plague her life in Dublin. When she discovers that St. Clare’s charity mission, in Manaus, Brazil, needs a primary school teacher, she takes the opportunity to bury herself in missionary work, as her dreams of being a mother slowly vanish.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Patrick O’Brien is an officer with the Dublin Garda. After his wife’s tragic miscarriage and unexpected departure to Brazil, he is left to wander the streets of Dublin alone, feeling the absence of his mate as keenly as the loss of his child. But one late evening stroll changes everything, and Patrick begins his own journey that starts with a cry in the night.

Two continents, one couple, and the tangled vines that keep them together. Can the motley crew of St. Clare’s, and the enduring loyalty of the O’Brien clan, join forces to transform the impossible into the miraculous?

This novel contains adult content of a sensual nature and some profanity.



Raven of the Sea

The O’Brien Tales, Book 1

A Lantern in the Dark

The O’Brien Tales, Book 2

Shadow Guardian

The O’Brien Tales, Book 3

River Angels

The O’Brien Tales, Book 4


Stacey Reynolds

Stacey Reynolds began writing after a trip to Ireland, where she was bewitched by the coastal villages and islands of the Wild Atlantic Way. She and her husband live in North Carolina with the three youngest of their five children. Her husband is a retired Marine Corps Officer. Before her years as a military wife, she was a police officer.