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The Shadow Imp Series


Imp and the Beast

The Shadow Imp Series, Book 1

Beast and the Imp

The Shadow Imp Series, Book 2


Stephanie Hudson



Maeve York

My name is [Jeannie Sheneman](, also known as [Maeve York]( I am a classically trained actor and graduate from the University of Michigan theatre program. I am also trained in audiobook narration by some of the top professionals in the industry. Between myself and Maeve, we have recorded over 50 audiobooks, the main genres being; all kinds Romance, from RomCom to Dark Romance, Suspense/Thriller and Paranormal Fantasy. Shapeshifter, paranormal, and omegaverse romance are some of the top genres I work in. Please check out [Maeve York's Featured Releases Page on her website]( to see the titles I have done recently and to hear samples. such as [Psycho Shifter]( by Jasmine Mas, and [Lilacs and Leather]( by Thora Woods, both omegaverse novels. As Jeannie, I have just finished recording [Pack of Secrets,]( by Amara Mae, also a shapeshifter novel. (out on audio soon!) and [Greta and the Goblin King](, by Chloe Jacobs, a fantasy romance/suspense novel.