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Warhead: Origins: A Superhero Harem Fantasy

Protecting Supernaturals 1: House of the Talismancer

Protecting Supernaturals, Book 1

Mage Guardian 2

Mage Guardian, Book 2

Back to Yonder

Four Laws, Book 6

Heretic Spellblade 5

Heretic Spellblade, Book 5

Save State Hero

Save State Hero, Book 1

Super Sales on Super Heroes 5

Super Sales on Super Heroes, Book 5

Ain’t It The Life

Valens Heritage, Book 6

Living Starship 3

Wings Over Marseille

Pin-Up Girls, Book 1

Shade Sovereign

Avalar Explored, Book 5

Thirdborn 2

Thirdborn, Book 2

Into the Dark

Arcane Era 3

Rise of the Combat Mage, Book 3

Neural Wraith 2

Neural Wraith, Book 2

Making Supers 3

Making Supers, Book 3

I Don’t Want to Be the Hero Vol. 6

I Don’t Want to Be the Hero, Book 6

Mage Guardian 1

Mage Guardian, Book 1

Living Starship 2

Stardust Runner 3

Stardust Runner, Book 3