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Legendary LitRPGs


Elysium’s Multiverse, Book 1

Physics of the Apocalypse 1

Physics of the Apocalypse, Book 1

Demon Core

Demon Core, Book 1


Mistrunner, Book 1

The Titan of Baleros

The Wandering Inn, Book 11

Amelia the Level Zero Hero 2

Dawn of the Void: Book 3

Dawn of the Void, Book 3

Fire and Song

Warformed: Stormweaver, Book 2

First Line of Defense

First Line of Defense, Book 1

The Wind Runner

The Wandering Inn, Book 10

Dawn of the Void: Book 2

Dawn of the Void, Book 2

He Who Fights with Monsters 10: A LitRPG Adventure

He Who Fights with Monsters, Book 10