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Sci-fi Feature



Arisen: Raiders, Book 4


The TekWar Series, Book 1

Full Metal Panic! Volume 1

Full Metal Panic!, Book 1

Sands of Time

The Chronos Paradox, Book 2

Song of Darkness

Backyard Starship, Book 12


Torth, Book 1

Demon Charm of Katano

War Priest, Book 4

The Keeper Origins: The Complete Trilogy

The Keeper Origins, Book 3

The Bold

Sgt. Thor, Book 1

The Infinite Spear

Broken Tech, Book 1

A New Eden

The Betaverse, Book 1

The Tiger’s Fight

The Stiger Chronicles, Book 7


The Adventures of a Xeno-Archaeologist, Book 5

Wayward Galaxy 6

Wayward Galaxy, Book 6

The Last Echo of the Lord of Bells

Mage Errant, Book 7

Wizard in Exile

Wrath of the Stormking, Book 1

Solar Storm

Moon Base Delta, Book 1

A Witch’s Sin

Neon Ghosts, Book 1


Charlie’s Requiem, Book 5