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New & Noteworthy

Origins: The Renegade Series

The Renegade, Books 1-2

Unexpected Dev-elopments

Apocalypse Gates Author’s Cut, Book 7

Dungeons of the Divine

Blue Phoenix, Book 2

Dragontiarna: Legions & Defenders, Publisher’s Pack 3

Dragontiarna, Books 5-6

Until the Last Breath

Creation Mage 2

War Mage Academy, Book 2

The Path of Giants

Jon Oklar, Book 3

Beyond Redemption

Manifest Delusions, Book 1

Agents, Agreements, and Aggravations

In Her Paranormal Majesty’s Secret Service, Book 3


The Killers, Book 2

Running from Destiny

New Beginnings, Book 1

Broken Blade

Vampire Sorcerer, Book 1.5


Unbound Deathlord, Book 3

Ember War Pathfinders: Volume 1

Ember War Pathfinders, Books 1-2


The King & Slater Series, Book 4

Lady Wallflower

Notorious Ladies of London, Book 2

Rise of the Dragonriders

Bond of a Dragon, Book 4

One Minute to Midnight

The Guild Wars, Book 8

Fallen Heirs

Windsor Academy, Book 3

Wolf’s Bane

Wolves Next Door, Book 1

Sahara Dawn

A Chris Collins CIA Thriller, Book 3

Path of Ascension

Wyvern Academy, Book 1

The Blood Race

The Blood Race, Book 1

The First Peak of the Force

The Heavenly Throne, Book 3

The Richard Jackson Saga: Volume IV

The Richard Jackson Saga, Books 7-8

Phoenix’s Flame

Sigma Worlds, Book 3

Strange Company

Strange Company, Book 1

Hate Me

Ruins of the Earth

Ruins of the Earth, Book 1

Iron Prince

Warformed: Stormweaver, Book 1


Exile, Book 3

Spartan’s Specialists

Four Horseman Tales, Book 12

The Salvage Crew

Final Verdict

Cavendish and Walker, Book 6

The Prince of Secrets

Stariel, Book 2

USS Hamilton – Ironhold Station

USS Hamilton, Book 1

Stolen Lives

Underhill Chronicles, Book 1

Critical Mass

Expeditionary Force, Book 10


The Terran Cycle, Book 3