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The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change Your Life


Sundown Series, Book 5

The Mage of Shadows: The Complete Trilogy

The Mage of Shadows, Books 1-3

Stripped Bare

Kate Fox, Book 1

Savage Lands

Savage Lands, Book 1

Ritual Demise

Cavendish and Walker, Book 7

Rise of Renegades

The Augmented, Book 2

Our Reckless Hope

Muted Hopelessness, Book 3

Moonlight Banishes Shadows

The Infinite World, Book 3

Love Crafted

Last Stop from Innocence

Knitted and Knifed

A Knitty Kitties Mystery, Book 1

Collaring Chaz

Dante’s Infernal, Book 2

Flight of the Reaper

The Last Reaper, Book 5

Gunmetal Gods

Gunmetal Gods, Book 1

Witch World High Hallack Cycle: Volume 1

Witch World: High Hallack Cycle, Books 1-2

The Secret Refuge

Path of the Ranger, Book 5

The Hex of Blackbriar Academy

Blackbriar Academy, Book 3

The Burning Sea

The Furyck Saga, Book 2

Sword of Minerva

The Guild Wars, Book 10

Mangled Minds

The Harkwright Trilogy, Book 2

Loving Man


The Ravenhood, Book 2

Death’s Favorite Warlock

Death’s Favorite Warlock, Book 1


Mail-Order Brides of Crakair, Book 2


Vector, Book 1

Admiral Wolf

Archangel Project, Book 8

19 Souls

Sin City Investigations, Book 1

Curious Beginnings: A LitRPG Adventure

Salvos, Book 1

Infinite Dusk

Cowboy Necromancer, Book 1


The Beginning After the End, Book 8

Lady Reckless

Notorious Ladies of London, Book 3

Strange Company

Strange Company, Book 1

Noob Game Plus

Noobtown, Book 5

He Who Fights with Monsters 2: A LitRPG Adventure

He Who Fights With Monsters, Book 2

The Torch That Ignites The Stars

Arcane Ascension, Book 3


Galaxy’s Edge Season 2, Book 1

The Twelve Plagues

The Cycle of Galand, Book 7

Hate Me


Nightlord, Book 7

Ruins of the Earth

Ruins of the Earth, Book 1

Iron Prince

Warformed: Stormweaver, Book 1


Exile, Book 3

Spartan’s Specialists

Four Horseman Tales, Book 12

The Salvage Crew

Final Verdict

Cavendish and Walker, Book 6

The Prince of Secrets

Stariel, Book 2

USS Hamilton – Ironhold Station

USS Hamilton, Book 1

Stolen Lives

Underhill Chronicles, Book 1

Critical Mass

Expeditionary Force, Book 10