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Ursa Major

Resonance, Book 2

Reset! The Imprisoned Princess Dreams of Another Chance!

Reset! The Imprisoned Princess Dreams of Another Chance!, Book 1


Alpha Physics, Book 1

Witch Nebula

Starcaster, Book 4

Dungeon of Envy

The Seven Deadly Demons, Book 1

Of One Mind

Tasmanian Special Forces Group, Book 3

The Island of Dr. Laroue

The Fallen World, Book 9


Scattered Stars: Conviction, Book 4


Invasion Series, Book 1


Wasteland, Book 1

Darkspace Renegade: The Complete Series

Darkspace Renegade, Books 1-6

Will of the Reaper

The Last Reaper, Book 7

We Fight for Freedom

Starship Freedom, Book 3

The Traveler

The Traveler, Book 1


Archangel Project, Book 9

Hope Ignites

Shattered Sunlight, Book 3


Star Kingdom, Book 9

Ganymede Whispers

Ganymede Trilogy, Book 2

Kept from the Deep

Venora Mates, Book 2

Prodigal Son

The Rise of the Peacemakers, Book 5

The RPG Apocalypse

The RPG Apocalypse, Book 1

First Light

Resonance, Book 1

Metal Fury: Publisher’s Pack 2

Metal Fury, Books 3-4

Farthest Shore

The Messenger, Book 13

Holy Ground

Holy Ground, Book 1

The Fossil

Secrets of Mars, Book 1

War Song

Orphan Wars, Book 2


Cade Korbin Chronicles, Book 3

Lost Heritage

Exodus Ark, Book 3

Eye of the Storm

The Guild Wars, Book 11

Bob and Nikki: Publisher’s Pack 7

Bob and Nikki, Books 14-15

Chiral Justice

The Biogenesis War, Book 3


Expeditionary Force, Book 13

Humanity’s Promise

Paradigm 2045, Book 2

Project: Angel

Apocalypse Girls, Book 1

Drifter’s Folly

Peacekeepers of Sol, Book 4

Brave the Collapse

Constant Danger, Book 3


These Dead Lands, Book 2

Prince of Kragdon-ah

An Alex Hawk Time Travel Adventure, Book 5

Apocalypse: Generic System

Systems of the Apocalypse, Book 1


Deadmen’s War, Book 1


Multiverse Space, Book 1


Arisen: Raiders, Books 1-2

Dark Victory

Galaxy’s Edge Season 2, Book 2

Galaxy of Titans

The Augmented, Book 3

New World Order

After the Virus, Book 3

When One Door Closes

Stellar Heritage, Book 4

USS Jefferson: Charge of the Symbios

USS Hamilton, Book 4

The Ibarra Crusade: Volume 1

The Ibarra Crusade, Books 1-2


The Exigency Chronicles, Book 3