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Blue Crucible

The Fallen World, Book 7

Escape Vector

The Soldier, Book 2

Middle Falls Time Travel Omnibus 4

Middle Falls Time Travel, Books 10-12


The Janus Harbinger, Book 1

Enemy of the World

Main Character Hides his Strength, Book 1

The Wizard of Quintz: A litRPG Adventure

Dead Server 7, Book 1

Zee Locked In

OVR World Online, Book 1

Raven’s Course

Peacekeepers of Sol, Book 3

The God Spark

Sigma Worlds, Book 2

Nomad Core

Core Control, Book 2

Radiation Hazard: Publisher’s Pack

The Stasis Stories, Books 3-4

Superhero Dad

Creation Mage

War Mage Academy, Book 1

Radical Dreamer

The Messenger, Book 9

Into the Battle

Rise of the Republic, Book 2

The Prince Has Been Outclassed

Ben’s Damn Adventure, Book 2

Solar Fury

Shattered Sunlight, Book 1

Layers of Force

Star Kingdom, Book 8

Rule of Cool: A litRPG Novel

Spheres of Influence

Stellar Heritage, Book 2

Gale Force

The Guild Wars, Book 7

An Ancient Enemy

Destiny’s Crucible


Starcaster, Book 1

The Tournament

Vampire Sorcerer, Book 2


The Chiral Agent

The Biogenesis War, Book 1

Exodus Ark: Volume 1

Exodus Ark, Books 1-2

War Whore

War’s Edge


Animus, Book 10

The Dungeon Slayer

The Dungeon Slayer, Book 1


Spore, Book 1

Shadows of the Fall

Shadow of Terra, Book 2

Dream Stream Reality: Publisher’s Pack

Dream Stream Reality, Books 1-2

Return from Kragdon-Ah

An Alex Hawk Time Travel Adventure, Book 3

Cipher’s Quest

Ciphercraft, Book 1

Dungeon Core 101

Dungeon Core 101, Book 1


Path of Graves, Book 1

Destiny’s Champions

Sigma Worlds, Book 1

Heaven’s Door

The Messenger, Book 8

Bounty Hunter: Publisher’s Pack 2

Bounty Hunter, Books 3-4


Pyresouls Apocalypse, Book 1

Ever Winter


Mistaken Series, Book 1

USS Hamilton – Miasma Burn

USS Hamilton, Book 2

Into the Stars

Rise of the Republic, Book 1

The Magnificent Cyborg

Cyborgs on Mars, Book 4

Digital Chimera

Sol Arbiter, Book 3

Call Me Mr. Smith

The Fallen World, Book 6

The Tiger’s Imperium

Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer, Book 6

Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Bun, Book 1