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Dark Victory

Galaxy’s Edge Season 2, Book 2

Galaxy of Titans

The Augmented, Book 3

New World Order

After the Virus, Book 3

When One Door Closes

Stellar Heritage, Book 4

USS Jefferson: Charge of the Symbios

USS Hamilton, Book 4

The Ibarra Crusade: Volume 1

The Ibarra Crusade, Books 1-2


The Exigency Chronicles, Book 3

Pulsar Race

Starship’s Mage

Ganymede Wakes

Ganymede Trilogy, Book 1

Wrath of the Reaper

The Last Reaper, Book 6

Time Wars Last Forever: Publisher’s Pack 2

Time Wars Last Forever, Books 3-4

Imperial Recruit

The Imperial Marines Saga, Book 2


The Eden Chronicles, Book 4

The Cost of Freedom

Starship Freedom, Book 2

Victory Day

They Came for Blood, Book 3

A Tower in Space-Time

The Stasis Stories, Book 5


Mark 2.0, Book 4

The Auriga Project

Translocator Trilogy, Book 1

The Ares Initiative

The Translocator Trilogy, Book 3

The Alpha Protocol

The Alpha Protocol, Book 1

Furious Gulf

The Messenger, Book 12

The Alien Element

The Translocator Trilogy, Book 2

Reborn: Evolution 2

Warlock Chronicles, Book 2


Sol Arbiter, Book 5


The Exigency Chronicles, Book 2

Eyes of Tomorrow

Shadow of Terra, Book 3

Dungeon Bound 2

Dungeon Bound, Book 2

Dragon Seekers

Legends Online, Book 6

Dark Knight Station: Origins

Crimson Sun

Starcaster, Book 3

Brink City

Brink City, Book 1


Sundown Series, Book 5

Rise of Renegades

The Augmented, Book 2

Moonlight Banishes Shadows

The Infinite World, Book 3

Love Crafted

Flight of the Reaper

The Last Reaper, Book 5

The Tyr: Arrival

The Tyr Trilogy, Book 1

Witch World High Hallack Cycle: Volume 1

Witch World: High Hallack Cycle, Books 1-2

Sword of Minerva

The Guild Wars, Book 10

Death’s Favorite Warlock

Death’s Favorite Warlock, Book 1


Mail-Order Brides of Crakair, Book 2


Vector, Book 1

Admiral Wolf

Archangel Project, Book 8

Alien Artifacts

Cade Korbin Chronicles, Book 2

Curious Beginnings: A LitRPG Adventure

Salvos, Book 1

A Dubious Peace

Destiny’s Crucible, Book 7

The Dark

Wayward Galaxy 2

Wayward Galaxy, Book 2


Deadmen’s War, Book 1