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Latent Flaw

Xenophobia Series, Book 2

The Prince’s Gambit

The Empire’s Corps, Book 20

Wildcat: Foreclosure of a Dream

The Fallen World, Book 12

Time Travel Tribulations

Seven Rules of Time Travel, Book 3

The Signal

The Stolen Future, Book 1

Reset! The Imprisoned Princess Dreams of Another Chance!, Vols. 1 & 2

Reset! The Imprisoned Princess Dreams of Another Chance!

Last Contact

Titan Chronicles, Book 3


Lumera Expedition, Book 1

Fluff: A Wholesome LitRPG

Fluff, Book 1


After the Sickness

Lights Out, Book 3


Scattered Stars: Evasion, Book 2

Generation of Vipers

First Contact, Book 1

Möbius 2

The Timeless Artifact, Book 2


The Guild Wars, Book 16


Bob and Nikki, Book 19

Soul of the Reaper

The Last Reaper, Book 11


Angel Assassin

Arielle Lucila, Book 1

Cosmic Delivery Boy

Coup D’état

Standing Alone

Cast Adrift, Book 2

Ryan’s Enigma

The Timeless Void, Book 3

Warden’s Fury

The Earth Warden Saga, Book 3

The Augmented: The Complete Series

Let Freedom Ring

Starship Freedom, Book 5

Liberty Or Death

The Eldemari’s Wrath

The Menocht Loop, Book 3


Superworld, Book 1


Redleg in Space, Book 3

Möbius 1

The Timeless Artifact, Book 1

The Final Coordinate

The Coordinate, Book 3

Jury Duty

First Contact, Book 1

Galactic Marine

The Traveler, Book 1

Last Stand

Fallen Worlds

Fractured Space, Book 3


Alpha Physics, Book 4

Engineering Home

Survivalist, Book 11

Pacific Shogun

The Fallen World, Book 11


Rise of the Peacemakers, Book 10

Cherubim’s Call

Apollo’s Arrows, Book 1

Legacy of Stars

Backyard Starship, Book 4

Legends Rise

The Ibarra Crusade, Book 5



Snipe: A Novel

Wayward Galaxy 4

Wayward Galaxy, Book 4

The RPG Apocalypse 2

The RPG Apocalypse, Book 2

Third Party

The River Saga, Book 3

Deep Black

Titan Chronicles, Book 2