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Adam Gold

LitRPG & Gamelit, Contemporary, Fantasy, LitRPG/Gamelit, Paranormal, SciFi, Romance, Suspense, Space Opera

I am a professional Voice Actor represented by ACM Talent and William Morris Endeavor, with several years of industry experience and training under my belt. I have voiced 70+ books, working with Podium, Bee Audio, Harlequin Audio, and Harper-Collins to bring literature to life. A broad vocal range and strong character performances have allowed me the opportunity to narrate across several genres.


TITLES FROM the Performer

Final Odyssey

Legends Online, Book 7

Dragon Seekers

Legends Online, Book 6

Nori’s Delta

Delta Team Three, Book 1


Legends Online, Book 5


Legends Online, Book 4


Legends Online, Book 3

Guardian Ship


Legends Online, Book 1

Dungeon of the Gods

Legends Online, Book 2