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Alex Wyndham

Fantasy, YA, Contemporary, SciFi, Space Opera, Epic, Dark Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Dragon

Alex is an Oxford University and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art graduate. He's narrated many audiobooks and popular series across the genres. He's also starred in Emmy-winning TV shows for HBO and the BBC and appeared in various films for directors such as Kenneth Branagh and David Blair. Alex has provided performances for various video games as well, such as Sony's?Horizon Zero Dawn and Microsoft's We Happy Few and also performed in numerous radio plays for BBC Radio 4 including the popular series Homefront and Tommies, lending his voice to everything from fertilizer instructions to Apple iPad commercials.


TITLES FROM the Performer

The Blacksmith’s Son

Mageborn, Book 1

Fallen Worlds

Fractured Space, Book 3


Gods of Bronze, Book 2


Gods of Bronze, Book 1

Transcendence and Rebellion

The Riven Gates, Book 3


The Silent Tempest

Embers of Illeniel, Book 2

The Severed Realm

The Riven Gates, Book 2

The Mountains Rise

Embers of Illeniel, Book 1

The Jack of Souls

The Unseen Moon, Book 1

Star Splinter

Fractured Space, Book 1

Shattered Moon

Fractured Space, Book 2


The Dark God, Book 1


The Dark God, Book 3


The Riven Gates, Book 1


The Dark God, Book 2

Betrayer’s Bane

Embers of Illeniel, Book 3