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Alyssa Avery

Paranormal, Romance, Dark, Mafia, Fantasy

TITLES FROM the Performer

Sweet Violence

Killers and Kings, Book 2

Tears of Salvation

The Saints Series, Book 5

The HellBeast’s Sacrifice

The HellBeast King, Book 6

Tears of Betrayal

The Saints Series, Book 4

Crazed Candy

Killers and Kings, Book 1

Ruthless Saints

The Saints Series, Book 3

Cruel Saints

The Saints Series, Book 2

Merciless Saints

The Saints Series, Book 1

The HellBeast’s Prisoner

The HellBeast King, Book 5

Vicious Games

Dark Obsession, Book 5

Mine to Take

Kept as His, Book 3

Cruel Games

Dark Obsession, Book 4

Savage Games

Dark Obsession, Book 3

The HellBeast’s Claim

The HellBeast King, Book 4

Sinister Games

Dark Obsession, Book 2

Mine to Hold

Kept as His, Book 2