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Angela Goethals

Enemies-to-Lovers, Romance

Angela Goethals is a native New Yorker and her audiobook “toolbox” is deeply connected to this early immersion in the beautiful kaleidoscope of the city ~ cultures, ethnicities, dialects, language. An Obie Award winner and Drama Desk nominated actor, Angela’s theater, film and television career spans decades. She began recording audiobooks with the gorgeous series, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” by Ann Brasheres, back in the late nineties and has gone on to narrate over 200 books. An Earphones and Audie Award winner, Angela has been honing her craft, studying with the brilliant Shannon Parks/Marguerite Gavin, whose core belief in approaching the work as an actor prepares is both a relief and a revelation. She dedicates all future work in audiobooks to her 3 children, who are often asked to play “who can be most quiet,” and to her husband, for refereeing while mama’s in the booth.


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