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Austin Rising

Fantasy, Harem, Paranormal, Dragons & Mythical Creatures, YA, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Progression, Sword & Sorcery

TITLES FROM the Performer

A Knot of Plots

The Simulacrum, Book 3

Dragon Magus 4

Dragon Magus, Book 4

The Dungeon Destroyer

The Dungeon Slayer, Book 2

The Dungeon Leader

The Dungeon Slayer, Book 3

The Dungeon Phoenix

The Dungeon Slayer, Book 4

The Dungeon Slayer

The Dungeon Slayer, Book 1

Dragon Magus 1

Dragon Magus, Book 1

Dragon Magus 2

Dragon Magus, Book 2

Dragon Magus 3

Dragon Magus, Book 3

Circuit World

Circuit World, Book 1

A Tangle of Threads

The Simulacrum, Book 2

A Brand New World

The Simulacrum, Book 1


Tides of Magic