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Derek Perkins

Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Epic, Nonfiction, Other, Paranormal, Dark Fantasy

TITLES FROM the Performer

Lions of the Reach

Rage of Lions, Book 3

Of War and Ruin

The Bound and The Broken, Book 3

Rats of Dweltford

Rage of Lions, Book 2

Prentice Ash

Rage of Lions, Book 1

One of Our Submarines

Of Darkness and Light

The Bound and The Broken, Book 2

Of Blood and Fire

The Bound and The Broken, Book 1

The White Mage Omnibus

The White Mage Saga, Book 3

The Warriors of the Gods

The Nightfall Wars, Book 3

The Truth of Shadows

The Nightfall Wars, Book 2

The Strength of Mortals

The Nightfall Wars, Book 4

The Sovereign of the Seven Isles Omnibus

Sovereign of the Seven Isles, Book 3

The Society of the Sword Trilogy

Society of the Sword, Book 3

The Son of the Morning

The Nightfall Wars, Book 1