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Emily Woo Zeller

Fantasy, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Progression, Military, SciFi, Space Opera, Paranormal, YA, Nonfiction, Self Help/Development, Hard SciFi, Contemporary

TITLES FROM the Performer

Lost Soul

The Tian Trilogy, Book 1


Archangel Project, Book 9

Admiral Wolf

Archangel Project, Book 8


Archangel Project, Book 3

The Guardian

Lens, Book 5

Android General 1

Archangel Project, Book 7

The Champion

Lens, Book 4

Alone Together: Love, Grief and Comfort During the Time of COVID-19

Smuggler Ship: A Sky Full of Stars Prequel Novella

Sky Full of Stars, Book 0.5

The Terrorist

Lens, Book 3

The Volunteer

Lens, Book 2

The Rogue Prince

Sky Full of Stars, Book 1

The Designate

Lens, Book 1

The Defiant: An Archangel Project Story

Archangel Project, Book 6

The Catalyst

Targon Tales, Book 1

Suicide Run

Smuggler’s Tales, Book 2

Stolen Legacy

Sky Full of Stars, Book 3

Starship Waking: An Archangel Project Story

Archangel Project, Book 4

Sky Hunter

Targon Tales

Rebel Alliances

Targon Tales, Book 3

Only Human

Targon Tales, Book 2

Noa’s Ark

Archangel Project, Book 2

Milk Run

Smuggler’s Tales, Book 1

Home Run

Smuggler’s Tales, Book 3

Delphi Promised

Targon Tales, Book 4

Darkness Rising

Archangel Project, Book 5

Archangel Down

Archangel Project, Book 1

Angle of Truth

Sky Full of Stars, Book 2

A Fallen Empire Omnibus

Fallen Empire, Books 1-3

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