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Hollie Jackson

Romance, SciFi & Fantasy, Fantasy, Progression, SciFi, Superhero, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, New Adult, Dark, Cyberpunk, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Fiction, Horror, Literary, MMF, Suspense, Trending on BookTok

TITLES FROM the Performer

Mandy and the Tentacle Monster

Be Thou My Good

The Devil’s Foundry, Book 1

The Shadows Over Marquette

A Journey, Book 3

The Eternal Game

Journey, Book 2

Stray Cat Strut: A Young Lady’s Journey to Becoming a Pop-Up Samurai

Stray Cat Strut, Book 1

Theirs to Cherish

The Quintessence Collection, Book 2

A Journey of Black and Red

Journey, Book 1

The Faire

Harrow Faire, Book 5

The Ringmaster

Harrow Faire, Book 4

The Clown

Harrow Faire, Book 3

Our Bloodline

Featherstone Academy, Book 3

The Puppeteer

Harrow Faire, Book 2

Your Bloodline

Featherstone Academy, Book 2

The Contortionist

Harrow Faire, Book 1

Den of Vipers

My Bloodline

Featherstone Academy, Book 1