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Jay Snyder

Contemporary, Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Detective, Mystery & Thriller, Space Opera, Military

TITLES FROM the Performer

Standing at the Gate

Seasons of Man, Book 3

The Import

Matthew Riker, Book 1

The Augmented: The Complete Series

The Augmented, Book 3

Rise of Renegades

The Augmented, Book 2

Relentless Pursuit

Matthew Riker, Book 4

Reap What You Sow

Seasons of Man, Book 2

Long Way Home

Matthew Riker, Book 3

Ghost Agent

Matthew Riker, Book 2

Galaxy of Titans

The Augmented, Book 3

End of Summer

Seasons of Man, Book 1

Empire of Ashes

The Augmented, Book 1

Darkspace Renegade: The Complete Series

Darkspace Renegade, Book 6

Darkspace Renegade: Volume 1

Darkspace Renegade, Book 2

Darkspace Renegade: Volume 2

Darkspace Renegade, Book 4