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John Solo

LGBTQ, Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary, Sword & Sorcery

John has been in front of a microphone since the age of 5, when his mother offered him twenty-five cents to sing for Sunday morning services. They haven’t been able to get him to shut up ever since… With over 250 audiobooks to his credit and 2 Independent Audiobook Awards nominations, John still enjoys working in the romance genre for indie authors and major publishers alike. His voice is described as entertaining, playful and confident. He is able to move from humorous to passionate, carefree to angsty, all while effortlessly weaving between dozens of character voices. When not performing he can be found sweating through a yoga session, overlanding on a mountainside in his beloved jeep (Doc Jones) or spending far too much money on things that blink.  


TITLES FROM the Performer

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