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Jonathan Davis

Military, Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Hard Sci-Fi, Space Opera, General Fiction, Contemporary, Time Travel, Mystery & Thriller, Technothriller, Epic, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, YA

TITLES FROM the Performer

Nightmare Factory

Savage Earth

Third Colony

Galena Chronicles, Book 2

Orphans of War

Orphans of War, Book 1

Into the Calm

Rise of the Republic, Book 6

A Fearful Symmetry

Destiny’s Crucible, Book 8

Another World

Galena Chronicles, Book 1

The Wall: Eternal Day

The Wall

The Wall: Eternal Night

The Wall

The Saint’s Rise

Ignifer Cycle, Book 1

The Rot’s War

Ignifer Cycle, Book 2

The Pen and the Sword

Destiny’s Crucible, Book 2

The Many Short Lives of Charles Waters

Middle Falls Time Travel, Book 12

The Fossil

Secrets of Mars, Book 1

The Fossil 2

Secrets of Mars, Book 2

The Fossil 3

Secrets of Mars, Book 3

The Forgotten: The Complete Trilogy

The Forgotten, Book 3