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Joy Beharie

Dark, Romance, Mafia

Joy Beharie is an American actress of color with an international sensibility.  She loves bringing her range and versatility to stories from all over the globe.   Due to her training and ability to perform dozens of dialects, Joy has increasingly been cast in interracial romance titles—particularly when the hero is not American.   As the female MC in Xavier Neal’s Dark Mafia series, _The Bennett Duet_, Joy demonstrates her facility with the Italian accent.  (Reviews: )  She’s currently narrating _The Color Line_, a 12 hr fiction title set in Italy written by Afro-Italian author Igiaba Scego. () Joy recently had the opportunity to work on _Free Fall: Wilide Boys Book 2 _by romance author Sara Cate, who has become wildly successful this year and set BookTok on fire.  She plays Hannah, a German-American ballerina, opposite popular romance narrators Aaron Shedlock and Aiden Snow.   An accent/dialect guru, Joy’s dialect demos can be heard here:  


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