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Kyle Perrin

Contemporary, SciFi, Space Opera

Kyle Perrin is an audio engineer, sound designer, and composer living in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Amanda, and his son Ellis. For a decade now, Kyle has been entrenched in the music industry as a music director and guitar player, working with several prominent artists in several genres including Rock, Pop, Indie, Hip-Hop, and Metal. Kyle has performed and recorded alongside top talent such as DMC, Starley, Katy Perry, Logan Henderson, and countless others while spanning the world on prominent tours. His nuanced approach to sound and storytelling has been developed through a distinct skillset cultivated from the many cultures and artists he has interacted with. He learned early on that how you execute a vision is critical to how well the story is told and supported, no matter what the medium. In recent years, deciding music wasn't enough, Kyle opened the door to sound design and audio storytelling. A creative professional across many forms of entertainment, Kyle quickly adapted to this new medium becoming a leader in the field over the past two years. Kyle has engineered, sound-designed, and scored some of the most successful podcasts, animated shorts, and digital premiers online, including stories such as "Another Kingdom: Season 3" and "The Cold War: What We Saw," both Daily Wire Productions - alongside Heavy Metal Entertainment's Podcast Series. Kyle aims to always operate at the highest possible levels, by being uncompromising on his creative path, and emphasizing the significance of creating meaningful and impactful moments in storytelling.


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Beyond Kuiper: The Galactic Star Alliance

Beyond Kuiper

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