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Marc Vietor

Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Mystery & Thriller, Technothriller, Contemporary, Space Opera, Military, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Detective, International Mystery

TITLES FROM the Performer

Ashes, Ashes

The Chronicles of Altor, Book 3

Monroe Doctrine: Volume VIII

Monroe Doctrine, Book 8

The Wrong Game

The Eden Chronicles, Book 5


New Earth, Book 3

All Fall Down

The Chronicles of Altor, Book 2

The Precipice

The Chronicles of Altor, Book 1

Monroe Doctrine: Volume VII

Monroe Doctrine, Book 7

Monroe Doctrine: Volume VI

Monroe Doctrine, Book 6

The X-Ship

The Soldier, Book 1

The Waking Late Trilogy

Waking Late, Book 3

The Last Swordsman

The Last Swordsman, Book 1

Shanghai Crossfire

A Chris Collins CIA Thriller, Book 2