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Mason Lloyd

Paranormal, Romance, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, New Adult & College, sci-fi

Mason Lloyd is a prolific narrator of romance and erotica from the great Pacific Northwest. He does both solo narration and multiple-POV romance novels and stories in multiple sub-genres of romance and erotic fiction, including "bad boy"/MC romances, paranormal romances, "shifter" romances, and quite a long list of alien/SF romances.


TITLES FROM the Performer

My Orc-y Breaky Heart

Tangling with Trolls

Haven Ever After, Book 2

The Heartbreak List

Uptown Ogre

Getting It on with Gargoyles

Haven Ever After, Book 1

Whose Bed Have Your Claws Been Under

Wed to the Alien Hunter

Accidental Alien Brides, Book 7

Don’t Go Knotting My Heart

Gargoyles Just Want to Have Fun

Wed to the Alien Assassin

Accidental Alien Brides, Book 6

Orc Me Baby One More Time

Candy for My Orc Boss

Beast and the Imp

The Shadow Imp Series, Book 2

Wed to the Alien Beast

Accidental Alien Brides, Book 5

Wed to the Alien Gladiator

Accidental Alien Brides, Book 4

Wed to the Alien Brute

Accidental Alien Brides, Book 3