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Matthew Wolf

Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Dark Fantasy, Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Epic

TITLES FROM the Performer

Promise of Vipers

Riftborn, Book 4

A Farm in the Afterlife

The Cozy Abyss, Book 2

The Burning Witch 3

A Pub in the Underworld

The Cozy Abyss, Book 1

The Burning Witch 2

The Burning Witch

The Princess of Potential: A Humorous Romantic Fantasy

A Talon’s Wrath: An Urban Fantasy Noir

Riftborn, Book 3

The House Witch 3

The House Witch, Book 3

Blessed Odds

Riftborn, Book 2

The Seven: The Lost Tale of Dellerin

The Last Raven

Riftborn, Book 1

The House Witch

The House Witch, Book 1

The House Witch 2

The House Witch, Book 2