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Nelson Hobbs

Contemporary, Romance, Dark, Detective, Mystery & Thriller, Sports, Enemies-to-Lovers, New Adult & College

Nelson Hobbs lives on the sand with a classical guitar in one hand and a glass of sangria in the other. His villa on the beach is lined wall-to-wall with a coveted library of romantic classics. His voice resonates in this paradise which has led to the natural transition to audiobook narrator.


TITLES FROM the Performer

The Marriage Solution

Out of the Dark

Strictly For Now

The Salinger Brothers, Book 3

In the Dark

Blake Larsen, Book 1

Strictly Pleasure

The Salinger Brothers, Book 2

Strictly Business

The Salinger Brothers, Book 1

The Temptation of Dirty Secrets

The Boys of Clermont Bay, Book 6

The Seduction of Pretty Lies

The Boys of Clermont Bay, Book 5

Soft Like Thunder

Savage U

The Right One

The Decker Brothers, Book 1

Loathe Thy Neighbor

Roommate Romps, Book 1