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Nick Cracknell

Hard Sci-Fi, Sci-fi, General Fiction, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Action & Adventure, Paranormal, Romance, sci-fi, Enemies-to-Lovers, Dark Fantasy, Epic, Fantasy

Nick is based in the UK and has a deep and rich voice with a twang of Irish that can be accentuated. He is able to voice all accents from the British isles, from London to Scottish, Welsh and northern variations, as well as standard US, Australian and European accents from French and German to Scandinavian.  He has narrated over 60 audiobooks including Amanda Milo’s Stolen By An Alien series, Aya Morningstar’s Seeding Eden series, and a number of fantasy and paranormal titles, and is comfortable with just about anything thrown at him! 


TITLES FROM the Performer

The Sarajevo Hypothesis

Altered State, Book 3

Old Man Gamer

The London Reaction

Altered State, Book 2

Taken by Two

Seeding Eden, Book 3

Shared by Two

Seeding Eden, Book 2

The Berlin Principle

Altered State, Book 1

Claimed by Two

Seeding Eden, Book 1

The Quarry Master

The Grumpy Heroes, Book 1

The Crimson Hunters: A Dellerin Tale

The Crimson Collection, Book 1

Zanamus: An Alien Invasion LitRPG

Apocalypse Earth Cultivator, Book 1