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Nick Cracknell

Hard Sci-Fi, Sci-fi, General Fiction, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Action & Adventure, Enemies-to-Lovers, Paranormal, Romance, sci-fi, Dark Fantasy, Epic, Fantasy

I hosted morning radio shows for over 25 years in NY, CT, RI, and Virginia, during which time I voiced comedy bits, interviewed celebrities, MC'd concerts, flew in a stunt plane, landed by helicopter on an aircraft carrier, and even joined a seance hoping to connect with Houdini! I brought my vocal skills to the equally exciting world of audiobook production in 2017, narrating such notable works as "Devolution" by John Casey (a book reviewed by the CIA!); "Conrad's Honor," by Alex Ryan; the 7 book "Linear Tactical Series" by Janie Crouch; the "Lunatic City" series by T. Allen Diaz; and many more. I possess a deep, rich baritone, ideally suited for the sarcastic detective, the clandestine spy, the romantic lover, the wandering cowboy, or the military commander.


TITLES FROM the Performer

The Sarajevo Hypothesis

Altered State, Book 3

Old Man Gamer

The London Reaction

Altered State, Book 2

The Berlin Principle

Altered State, Book 1

The Quarry Master

The Grumpy Heroes, Book 1

The Crimson Hunters: A Dellerin Tale

The Crimson Collection, Book 1

Zanamus: An Alien Invasion LitRPG

Apocalypse Earth Cultivator, Book 1