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Peter Noble

Action & Adventure, Mystery/Thriller, Action and Adventure, Fiction, Epic, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Contemporary, LitRPG/Gamelit, SciFi

A multiple Earphones Award-winning narrator, Peter Noble has recorded more than 300 audiobooks and audio dramas ? including Audible and New York Times bestsellers ? for an ever-growing list of clients. Born in South Africa, he grew up traveling, building up a collection of authentic dialects, and studied music and drama at the University of Cape Town, as well as at LAMDA and the Royal Academy of Music, in London. Peter is a brain injury survivor, and has a unique understanding of the music of language.


TITLES FROM the Performer


The Last Roman, Book 2


Conqueror’s Blood

Gunmetal Gods, Book 2

Gunmetal Gods

Gunmetal Gods, Book 1

Level Up

One Up, Book 1