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From Outer Space to the Old West to a Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape, R.C. Bray is an expert guide. He is also a narrator. Bray switches settings and characters as seamlessly as a maturated Humphead Wrasse switches sex and color. No matter the genre, whether it be a story about human kindness and barbarism; a combat veteran’s struggle to cope with life at home; or saving the world armed with only a juice box and a snarky beer can, Bray utilizes his extraordinary range and unique vocal differentiation for each character to confuse publishers into thinking his consistent inability to meet a deadline is not only a good thing, but their idea in the first place. With over one audiobooks narrated, R.C. is the recipient of many industry accolades including the coveted Audie Award for his narration of one of the bestselling audiobooks in history which is no longer available because… money. R.C.’s gorgeous wife, Hope, along with their three beautiful children, Joy, Bliss, and Valor, allow him to continue living with them provided the checks keep coming.


TITLES FROM the Performer


Convergence, Book 1



Wayward Galaxy 4

Wayward Galaxy, Book 4

Match Game

Expeditionary Force, Book 14

Last Contact

Phantom Deadfall

Ruins of the Earth, Book 3

Black Labyrinth

Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 5

Wayward Galaxy 3

Wayward Galaxy, Book 3

The Order


Forgotten Vengeance, Book 3


Wasteland, Book 1

Gods and Men

Ruins of the Earth, Book 2


Deadmen’s War, Book 2

Mind Bullet

Mountain Man: 2nd Prequel Them Early Days

Mountain Man, Book 0.5


These Dead Lands, Book 2


Deadmen’s War, Book 1


Multiverse Space, Book 1


Arisen: Raiders, Books 1-2

Dark Victory

Galaxy’s Edge Season 2, Book 2

The Tyr: Arrival

The Tyr Trilogy, Book 1

The Dark

Wayward Galaxy 2

Wayward Galaxy, Book 2


Deadmen’s War, Book 1

Void Horizon

Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 4


Expeditionary Force, Book 12

Ruins of the Earth

Ruins of the Earth, Book 1


Mountain Man, Book 6

Angel Born

Ash Angels, Book 2


Wasteland, Book 2

The Roach


Expeditionary Force, Book 11


Forgotten Vengeance, Book 2

Supers: Take Aim

Supers, Book 2

Gateway to War

Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 3

The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira

Wayward Galaxy

Wayward Galaxy, Book 1

Yesterday’s Gone: Season 1

Yesterday’s Gone, Books 1-6

Yesterday’s Gone: Season 2

Yesterday’s Gone, Books 7-12

Supers: Rise Up

Supers, Book 1

Florida Man

Critical Mass

Expeditionary Force, Book 10

Dread Uprising

Ash Angels, Book 1

Galactic Breach

Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 2

Zero Hour

Expeditionary Force, Book 5

Yesterday’s Gone: Season 5

Yesterday’s Gone, Book 15

Yesterday’s Gone: Season 6

Yesterday’s Gone, Book 16

Yesterday’s Gone: Season 3

Yesterday’s Gone, Book 13

Yesterday’s Gone: Season 4

Yesterday’s Gone, Book 14

Well Fed

Mountain Man, Book 4

Trouble on Paradise

Expeditionary Force, Book 3.5

Tin Man

Galaxy’s Edge, Book 0.5

Three Parts Dead

ARISEN, Book 3

The Siege

ARISEN, Book 13

The Nick Bracco Omnibus

Nick Bracco, Books 1-2

The Mountain Man Omnibus

Mountain Man, Books 1-3

The Home Distiller’s Workbook

The Hospital

Mountain Man, Book 1.5

The Flood

ARISEN, Book 10

The Beam Season Two

The Beam, Book 2

The Beam Season One

The Beam, Book 1

TextAppeal – For Girls!

TextAppeal – For Guys!

Sixth Cycle


Mountain Man, Book 2

Ruins of the Galaxy

Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 1


Expeditionary Force, Book 7




ARISEN, Book 8.5

Narrator Battle: Zombie Edition

Mountain Man

Mountain Man, Book 1

Mountain Man: Prequel

Mountain Man

Mogadishu of the Dead

ARISEN, Book 2

Maximum Violence

ARISEN, Book 4


Expeditionary Force, Book 6

Make Me King

Mountain Man, Book 5

Last Stand



Galaxy’s Edge, Book 6


ARISEN, Book 6


Expeditionary Force, Book 7.5


Mountain Man, Book 3


ARISEN, Book 0.5

Galaxy’s Edge, Part V

Galaxy’s Edge, Book 9

Galaxy’s Edge, Part IV

Galaxy’s Edge, Books 7-8

Galaxy’s Edge, Part I

Galaxy’s Edge, Books 1-2

Galaxy’s Edge, Part II

Galaxy’s Edge, Books 3-4

Galaxy’s Edge, Part III

Galaxy’s Edge, Books 5-6

Fortress Britain

ARISEN, Book 1


ARISEN, Book 14.5

Fear the Survivors

The Fear Saga, Book 2

Fear the Sky

The Fear Saga, Book 1

Fear The Future

The Fear Saga, Book 3


ARISEN, Book 5


ARISEN, Book 14

Empire of the Dead

ARISEN, Book 8


ARISEN, Book 11

Death of Empires

ARISEN, Book 7

Cross My Heart

Columbus Day

Expeditionary Force, Book 1


ARISEN, Book 9


ARISEN, Book 12

Black Ops

Expeditionary Force, Book 4


Expeditionary Force, Book 8

ARISEN Omnibus Edition

ARISEN, Books 1-3

After It Happened: Publisher’s Pack 3

After It Happened, Books 5-6

After It Happened: Publisher’s Pack 2

After It Happened, Books 3-4

After It Happened: Publisher’s Pack

After It Happened, Books 1-2

A Touch of Deceit

Nick Bracco, Book 1

A Touch of Revenge

Nick Bracco, Book 2

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