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Rebecca Mozo

Contemporary, Romance, Holiday, Romantic Comedy

**Rebecca Mozo is an award winning actor and has narrated over 30 audiobooks. She trained at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and studied at The Globe in London. **  ** _What audiobook critics are saying…_** “Mozo excels with many accents and riveting descriptions…” -Audiofile, _The Last Campaign* earphone award winner_ “Mozo's performance breathes life into the real-life people in this audiobook…” -Audiofile, _The Tenth Island_ “Mozo's mastery of accents is impeccable, as is the emotional range she brings to a variety of scenes--from murderous and mystical to sensual and religious. Listeners will also appreciate the narrative urgency Mozo maintains throughout this slow-paced plot…” - Audiofile, _Curse of the Roses_ “Rebecca Mozo performs the third-person narrative with great skill and energy…” -Audiofile, _The Summer Prince_


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