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Roger Wayne

International Mystery, Mystery & Thriller, Technothriller, Military, Sci-fi, Space Opera, Contemporary, Steampunk, Superhero, General Fiction

Hi my name is Roger Wayne. I served in the military after community college in Minnesota, where I grew up. Started acting professionally in Minneapolis, where I got my BA degree, then moved to NYC, and have since completed nearly 300 audiobooks, and several co-star and guest-star roles on TV, including an upcoming one for a new show on Showtime coming out probably next year. Along with that I've been involved in several stage productions, short films, indie features, and on-camera/ voice commercials. 


TITLES FROM the Performer

Chasing Lies

Chase Malone, Book 10

The Meat Grinder

War’s Edge, Book 3

Death Dealers

War’s Edge

Chasing Fortunes: Books 7-9

Chase Malone, Book 9

Star Forged

The Messenger, Book 3

Monsters Among Men

The Pantheon Saga, Book 2

Gods of Wrath

The Pantheon Saga, Book 4

Generation Next

The Pantheon Saga, Book 3

Chasing Wind

Chase Malone, Book 3

Chicken Poodle Soup: Soul Mutts Volume 1

Soul Mutts, Book 3

Chocolate-Covered Chaos

Soul Mutts, Book 3

Chasing Mind

Chase Malone, Book 8

Chasing Rain

Chase Malone, Book 1

Chasing Risk

Chase Malone, Book 7

Chasing Secrets: A Chase Malone Thriller Omnibus

Chase Malone, Book 3

Chasing Time

Chase Malone, Book 9