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Rozelyn Rader

Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Fantasy, Harem, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Time Travel, Progression, Cyberpunk, Dark Fantasy, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit

TITLES FROM the Performer

Dragon Soul 1

Dragon Soul, Book 1

The Traveler 3

The Traveler, Book 3


Rylee Adamson, Book 1

The Traveler

The Traveler

The Traveler 2

The Traveler, Book 2

Project: Angel

Apocalypse Girls, Book 1

Operation Iron Valkyrie

Apocalypse Girls, Book 2

Lucifer Reborn 4

Lucifer Reborn, Book 4

Lucifer Reborn

Lucifer Reborn, Book 1

Lucifer Reborn 2

Lucifer Reborn, Book 2

Lucifer Reborn 3

Lucifer Reborn, Book 3

Exploding with Anticipation

Perv or Paladin, Book 2

Aether Mage

Aether Mage, Book 1

Aether Mage 2

Aether Mage, Book 2

Aether Mage 3

Aether Mage, Book 3

A Wild Knight of Flowers

Perv or Paladin, Book 1