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Scott Aiello

Military, Sci-fi, Space Opera, Post-apocalyptic, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Time Travel

TITLES FROM the Performer

The First Officer

Enemy Forces

Earth at War, Book 5

God Mode

Purifier, Book 2

Enemies & Allies

Earth at War, Book 4

The Forever: Part III

The Forever Series, Book 6

The Forever

The Forever Series, Book 2

The Forever: Part II

The Forever Series, Book 4

The Death of Dirk Cooper

Dirk Cooper, Book 2

The Blue King Murders

Star Lawyers, Book 3

The Alpha Protocol

The Alpha Protocol, Book 1

Star Lawyers Omnibus

Star Lawyers, Book 3

Ryan’s Enigma

The Timeless Void, Book 3

Ryan’s Gambit

The Timeless Void, Book 1

Ryan’s Phantoms

The Timeless Void, Book 2

Rise of the Ancient Gods: Publisher’s Pack 3

Rise of the Ancient Gods, Book 6