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Simon Vance

Dark Fantasy, Epic, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Contemporary, Romance, SciFi & Fantasy, SciFi, Space Opera, Paranormal

TITLES FROM the Performer

Children of Telm: The Complete Trilogy

The Children of Telm, Books 1-3

The Wolf of the North

Wolf of the North, Book 1

The Road to Rebirth

The Children of Telm, Book 2

The Northmen

The Darkness Within Saga, Books 1-3.5

The Mortal Mage

The Mortal Mage, Book 3

The Mercenary Code

The Shattering of Kingdoms, Book 1

The Galaxy According to Gideon: Publisher’s Pack

Road Trips in Space, Books 1-2

The Chains of War

The Children of Telm, Book 3

The Call of Agon

The Children of Telm, Book 1

The Blood Debt

Wolf of the North, Book 3

The Akorell Break

The Mortal Mage, Book 2

Sin Eater

Iconoclasts, Book 2


The Trysmoon Saga, Book 4

Jorundyr’s Path

Wolf of the North, Book 2


Fallen Sepulchre

The Darkness Within Saga, Book 3

Cry Havoc

Jack Frey, Book 1

Cry Fear

Jack Frey, Book 2


The Mortal Mage, Book 1


Aching God

Iconoclasts, Book 1

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