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Steven Brand

Epic, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Military, Sci-fi

TITLES FROM the Performer

The Fetters of Fate

The Bladeborn Saga, Book 5

Fortress of Radiance

The Karus Saga, Book 2

The First Compact

The Karus Saga, Book 3

Rapax Pax

The Karus Saga, Book 4

Lost Legio IX

The Karus Saga, Book 1

The Tiger’s Rage

The Stiger Chronicles, Book 8

Once There Were Heroes

A Time of Dragons, Book 1

Lutha Nyx

A Ranger’s Tale, Book 3

The Tiger’s Fight

The Stiger Chronicles, Book 7

A Dance of Fang and Claw

The Ranger Archives, Book 3

The Winds of War

The Bladeborn Saga, Book 4