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Tess Irondale

Fantasy, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, YA, Romance, Paranormal, Harem, Progression, Sci-fi, Steampunk, sci-fi, Contemporary, Military, Space Opera, Why Choose/Reverse Harem

TITLES FROM the Performer

Corrupted Time

Time Core, Book 2

Of Flesh & Bone

Tenebris, Book 2

The House that Fought

Uncertain Sanctuary, Book 3

Of Visions & Secrets

Tenebris, Book 1

Any House in a Storm

Hidden Sanctuary, Book 1

Empire Builder 3: Breed, Populate, Conquer

Empire Builder, Book 3

House in Hiding

Uncertain Sanctuary, Book 2

The House that Walked Between Worlds

Uncertain Sanctuary, Book 1

Frozen Time

Time Core, Book 1

Corruption and Centinels

Salvos, Book 5

The Plaguelands

Salvos, Book 3

The Nighthelm Guardian: Publisher’s Pack

The Nighthelm Guardian, Book 3

The Auriga Project

Translocator Trilogy, Book 1

The Ares Initiative

Translocator Trilogy, Book 3