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Tim Gerard Reynolds

Dark Fantasy, Epic, Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, SciFi, Sword & Sorcery, YA, Contemporary, LitRPG/Gamelit

Tim Gerard Reynolds is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. His acting work has taken him to England, France, regionally in the US and both On and Off Broadway. In his early 30's Tim pivoted to study fine art at The School of Visual Arts in NYC but stumbled serendipitously into the world of audiobooks somewhere along the way. Since 2008 he has received numerous awards and much critical praise for his narration. Tim is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.


TITLES FROM the Performer

Scholar of Magic

Art of the Adept, Book 3


The Black Book

The Cycle of the Scour, Book 2

Secrets and Spellcraft

Art of the Adept, Book 2

The Keeper Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy

The Keeper Chronicles, Books 1-3

Shackled: An Aldoran Chronicles Prequel

The Aldoran Chronicles

The Choice of Magic

Art of the Adept, Book 1

Well Done

Small Medium, Book 3

What Lies Beyond

The Cycle of Galand, Book 6


Ascendant, Book 2

The White Tower

The Aldoran Chronicles, Book 1

The Wound of the World

The Cycle of Galand, Book 3

The Spear of Stars

The Cycle of Galand, Book 5

The Silver Thief

The Cycle of Galand, Book 2

The Sealed Citadel

The Cycle of the Scour, Book 1

The Right to Arm Bears

Threadbare, Book 3

The Red Sea

The Cycle of Galand, Book 1

The Plague of Shadows

The Aldoran Chronicles, Book 2

The Light of Life

The Cycle of Galand, Book 4

The Highwayman

The Cycle of Arawn

The Cycle of Arawn, Books 1-3

Street Rats of Aramoor Publishers Pack

Street Rats of Aramoor, Books 1-2

Stuff and Nonsense

Threadbare, Book 1

Sew You Want to ba a Hero

Threadbare, Book 2

Rogues of Magic: The Complete Trilogy

Rogues of Magic, Books 1-3


Ascendant, Book 3

Dawn of Wonder

Dawn of Wonder, Book 1

Big Trouble

Small Medium, Book 1

At Large

Small Medium, Book 2


Ascendant, Book 1