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Vivienne LaRue

Romance, Fantasy, Harem, LitRPG & Gamelit, Contemporary, LitRPG, New Adult & College, Suspense

Vivienne is an Award-winning SAG-AFTRA audiobook narrator, voiceover artist, and actress with 20+ years of acting experience. Born in southern Florida, raised in Georgia and Texas, she can turn on a southern accent at a moment’s notice. With a voice that’s warm and strong with an underlying vulnerability that can easily turn snarky when needed, her versatility and adeptness at accents allow her to work in many different audiobook genres from Dark Romance, BDSM Victorian Steampunk erotica, and epic lesbian fantasy (all mostly with a British accent) under her pseudonym Vivienne LaRue to Contemporary & Rom-COM romance, LitRPG, Thrillers and more narrated under her own name. She’s proficient in RP, Estuary, Southern, and Northern Irish accents as well as Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, and Hungarian accents.


TITLES FROM the Performer

Heartless Boys Never Kiss

St. Mary’s, Book 4

Dragon Rising 3

Dragon Rising, Book 3

Protecting Supernaturals 2: House of the Talismancer

Protecting Supernaturals, Book 2

Protecting Supernaturals 1: House of the Talismancer

Protecting Supernaturals, Book 1


Nash Brothers, Book 4


Nash Brothers, Book 3


Nash Brothers, Book 2


Nash Brothers, Book 1

Dragon Rising 2

Dragon Rising, Book 2

Dead Girls Never Talk

St. Mary’s, Book 3

Dragon Rising 1

Dragon Rising, Book 1

Good Girls Never Rise

St. Mary’s, Book 1

Bad Boys Never Fall

St. Mary’s, Book 2