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Zara Ramm

Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Fantasy, International Mystery, Mystery & Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Action & Adventure, Contemporary, Nonfiction, Other, Detective

TITLES FROM the Performer

Miss Percy’s Travel Guide (To Welsh Moors and Feral Dragons)

A Miss Percy Guide, Book 2

Darkness Calls: An Inspector Cecilie Mars Thriller

Icebreaker: A fantasy naval thriller

Kat the Dog: The Remarkable Tale of a Rescued Spanish Water Dog

The Ice Daughters

Detective Dove Milson, Book 2

The Abberley Beach Murders

Detective Dove Milson, Book 3

Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide (to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons)

A Miss Percy Guide, Book 1

Glass Dolls

Detective Dove Milson, Book 1