Kasi Hollowell
About the Performer
Kasi got her start on the stage at a young age but started her voice over career while getting her BFA in Musical Theatre doing English dubs for anime. In addition to the 100+ audiobooks she’s narrated, she can be heard in shows like BLUELOCK, One Piece, Maid Sama, Gosick, Kantai Collection, Afterlost, and many others. Being a trained vocalist and actor, audiobook narration seemed the perfect marriage of voiceover work and her love of singing by exploring the tones and colors of her voice as a way to differentiate, ground, and connect with each character she voices.
Books From The Performer
Blue Moon
A Court So Dark
A Cage So Gilded
A Prince So Cruel
The Endurance of Wildflowers
Of Light and Dark
Out of the Dark
In the Dark
Monstrous Ends
Deadly Encounter
Chaos & Carnage
Deadly Match
Damaged & Deadly
Murder & Mayhem
Monstrous Truths
Rebels & Rejects
Monstrous Lies
The Devil You Know
Blushing Bride
The Gods We Obey
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