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Podium Audio Moves Popular Titles to Audible’s New Subscription Tier Audible Plus

Unlimited Access to Titles from Popular Podium Authors Craig Alanson, Terry Mancour, Edward W. Robertson and more.


Today, we are thrilled to announce a substantial portion of the Podium Audio library is now available on Audible Plus, a brand new all you can listen service, offering access to over 10,000 pieces of content, including a vast array of audiobooks and podcasts that span genres, lengths, and formats. Audible members can listen to audiobooks and shorter-form audio content without using a monthly credit, including the first installment of several popular SciFi, Fantasy and Romance series.

Titles coming to the Plus service include New York Times (NYT) bestselling author Craig Alanson’s young adult space opera Aces, a novella from NYT bestselling author Terry Mancour’s Spellmonger series, as well as other titles from popular authors, JN Chaney and Terry Maggert (The Messenger), Shawn Inmon (Middle Falls Time Travel), Sarah Lyons Fleming (Until the End of the World), Edward W. Robertson (Breakers), and Sally Rigby (Cavendish and Walker).

“We are always looking for new ways to adapt and showcase our award-winning authors and titles,” said Scott Dickey, CEO, Podium Audio. “Audible Plus will expose new and current subscribers to a wide range of fresh genres and stories they might not have experienced before. We’re looking forward to sharing a number of our popular titles and supporting the launch of Audible’s Plus service.”

“The new Audible Plus subscription provides authors like myself with an exciting opportunity to reach new audiences,” said author Craig Alanson. “Offering shorter length content removes the barrier between what members deem credit-worthy in the standard Audible subscription model, thus opening up more possibilities for listeners to discover new audiobook content. There are so many amazing stories that are shorter than a full-length novel and now they can access them without limit.”

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