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Ad Astra! Podium Audio and Saga Egmont Ink Deal on New Sci-Fi Catalog in Five Languages

Two of the world’s leading audio publishers have entered into a multi-language, long- term agreement to bring Podium’s bestselling sci-fi and fantasy titles available to readers and listeners in major international markets in Europe and The Americas. Find out more about this exciting new development from Podium Audio.


Podium Audio and Saga Egmont, both digital-first publishers, have signed a multi-year agreement which will publish several of Podium Audio’s bestselling titles initially in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Polish languages.

“We’re thrilled to announce this partnership, and we’re very much looking forward to launching Podium’s world class sci-fi catalog in five languages and delivering premium audiobook titles to readers across the world,” says Programme Manager at Saga Egmont, Marie Noack.

Number One Bestseller on Audible

Among the authors included in the deal is New York Times bestselling author Craig Alanson, whose most recent novel, Breakaway, hit #1 on As a whole Alanson’s Expeditionary Force series has topped $35 million in English language sales revenue in only 5 years on the market. In addition to Alanson, Saga Egmont will be launching works by other top Podium authors including: J.N. Chaney, Christopher Hopper, Shirtaloon, Glynn James, Michael Stephen Fuchs, Christopher G. Nuttall, Lindsay Buroker, John Bierce, Keith C. Blackmore, Chris Fox, Edward W. Robertson, Apollos Thorne, James Rosone, Jason Anspach, K.A. Knight, and Sarah Lyons Fleming. All have proven to do extremely well in audio on the U.S. market, and Saga Egmont’s team of audiobook editors from Poland, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy are now in the process of selecting translators and voices from Saga Egmont’s already established network.

“Podium’s extraordinarily talented authors reach their English-language readers via Amazon and Audible’s digital first platforms creating passionate fanbases. And now Saga adds its global distribution and local market-knowledge making this is a story of how two digitally focused publishing houses can help authors gain a global audience. Digital publishing is a well of opportunities for the authors and the publishing industry,” says Saga Egmont’s Publishing Director Lasse Korsemann Horne.

Scott Dickey, Podium CEO, added “Saga’s scale, entrepreneurial spirit and publishing pedigree makes them an ideal partner for Podium to rapidly expand our reach globally while maintaining our high quality production values.”

Podium’s Publisher, Victoria Gerken, concurred saying “our authors are thrilled at the opportunity this initiative provides to expand their fanbase internationally.”

For more information, please contact Marie Noack at Saga Egmont or Victoria Gerken at Podium Audio.

About Saga Egmont

Saga Egmont is a publishing house under the Danish parent company Lindhardt & Ringhof. Saga Egmont publishes more than 20.000 digital books yearly; split between a versatile fiction and non-fiction catalog across 30 languages. Saga is among the leading audiobook publishers in the Nordics, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

Saga Egmont is part of Egmont, Denmark’s largest media group with activities in 30 countries and 6,600 employees. Egmont is a foundation, and all our profits are reinvested in our media businesses and donated to help vulnerable children and young people get an education and a better life. Every year, we donate EUR 13 million to charitable initiatives.


About Podium Audio

Podium Audio is an audio-first media company and independent audiobook publisher that finances, develops, produces and distributes immersive audio content. It gained international notice for turning unknown author Andy Weir’s e-book The Martian into the most successful audiobook in the world. Now the 8th largest audiobook publisher in the U.S., Podium is the only top-10 publisher focused solely on independently published authors. With plans for e-book expansion and foreign language distribution, the company is also focused on developing top IP for film & television in partnership with William Morris Endeavor.

Podium remains at the forefront of discovering new literary and voice talent, focused on supporting, nurturing and discovering independent authors and narrators from the U.S. and around the world. Top selling authors who have partnered with Podium for multiple long-term agreements include Craig Alanson (Expeditionary Force), Andrew Rowe (Arcane Ascension), Kel Kade (King’s Dark Tidings), James Islington (The Licanius Trilogy), and game-Lit pioneers Luke Chimlenko (Ascend Online) and Shirtaloon (He Who Fights With Monsters). Voice actors in Podium’s repertory include Nathan Fillion (Salvage Crew), Wil Wheaton and Katherine McNamara (Vicarious), Felicia Day (Rule of Cool), R.C. Bray (Expeditionary Force, The Martian), Luke Daniels (Ascend Online), Andrea Parsneau (The Wandering Inn) and Nick Podehl (A Pattern of Shadow and Light).



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