Titles From This Series
Welcome to Winterville
Hearts in Winter
Leave Me Breathless
Memories of Mistletoe
Every Shade of Winter
Mine for the Winter
Release Date:May 23, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:59 hr, 21 min

He's the kind of man who always gets what he wants. But this time, she's going to make him work for it...

When a ruthless company buys Holly Winter’s small hometown, she’s determined to stop them. But then she comes face to face with the CEO. Josh Gerber is handsome, smooth, and disgustingly successful. He’s also the man Holly spent a night with eight years ago. And now he’s back to steal the home she’s always loved. If anybody can stand up to him, Holly can. She’s clever, single-minded, and most of all, she understands his weaknesses. She has the same ones, after all. But the more she fights him, the stronger the attraction between them grows. Before long, their arguments are ending in deliciously hot, stolen kisses that make her forget that Josh is supposed to be her enemy. Holly may be able to save Winterville, but will she have to sacrifice her heart in the process? It’s A Wonderful Life meets The Hating Game in this fun and feisty festive romance. Take a trip to Winterville today.

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