Zaitsev Bratva

Titles From This Series
Ruby Malice
Ruby Mercy
Release Date:July 11, 2023
Series Duration:23 hr, 41 min

Arrogant bosshole with some dirty secrets. Sounds tempting, right?

Wrong. Kirill Zaitsev is anything but tempting. Sure, he’s tall and broad and muscular in all the right places. And sure, he’s richer than several small countries. And yes, fine, his eyes do make me feel loopy, and he does smell like mint and musk, and there’s also the way his jaw clenches when he… Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. Bosshole. Dirty secrets. Anyway, all those things sound fine and dandy. For a little while, I thought so, too. Then I learned who Kirill really is—a killer, a tycoon, a mafia don. He’s got things hidden on his mansion’s third floor that no one is supposed to know about. I’ve got no business snooping around. I’m a maid, not a private detective. But I just can’t help myself. So I go where I shouldn’t go and see what I shouldn’t see… Then, of course, Kirill catches me in the act. In most stories, that would be the end. Butt meets curb, drop the curtain, roll the credits. But in this story, that’s just the beginning. Because something strange happens when Kirill looks at me… Sparks fly. And when he’s the one lighting them… Well, safe to say I’m down to get burned. _Ruby Malice is book one of the Zaitsev Bratva duet. Kirill and Rayne’s story continues in book two, Ruby Mercy. _

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